Sunday, September 13, 2009

range of new handbags (including postage!!)

woww..our weekend went great..tiring but we love it..=)
we had fun at enspired bazaar last saturday..

but for today, we're gonna post range of new handbags left from the bazaar..
do grab it fast babes!!only 1 each..hihihi
come on..come on..haha..
**all handbags r including postage!! now thats great huh??haha..=)
B01 - Vintagy Big
This vintage-like bag is big enuff to put much things in it..
the strap is adjustable n long enuff to b used as a sling or shoulder bag..
colour is more like the 2nd picture..
only 1 left..
n we're selling it only for RM45 including postage!!
grab it fast..=)
SOLD - thanx minnie =)

B02 - Vintagy SmallThese 2 bags r the small version of B01..
We only left with these 2 colours..
n we're only selling it for RM38 including postage!!
now grab fast..
colours available..brown & black..=)

BROWN - SOLD (thanx baizura)
BLACK - SOLD (thanx baizura)

B03 - The 'IT' bag lots of people hv been asking bout this bag..
but for other colours..=(
we're very sorry..we dont hv other colours anymore..
they're out of stock!!
This last 1 in grey is great too..
see, the model rocks it!!u can use it as a clutch,shoulder or a sling bag..
its in grey n its easy to match too!!
so come on..grab it!!
only RM38 including postage..=)

B04 - Apple Bag
This apple bag is sOo cute..
we love really looks like an apple..
n u can use it either way..
handbag,shoulder or as a sling bag!!
topshop sells it in a heart shape..
wanna look different??
grab this one now!!
only RM35 including postage..=)
SOLD - thanx mass

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text us at 017-2640342..
till then..xoxo