Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the new "i need that" thing..haha

hye girls..

so i know i havent been updating since..i dun know..forever?haha..

havent get the chance to take pictures n update..

actually, i thot of selling my preloved clothes since im working n didnt get the chance to wear the casual clothes that much!

eerr..what do u think?i'll get back to u on that yea.. =)

so, the reason y im writing this today is because...

am helping 'me' sister to sell these casio..

casio is the new "i need that" thing right..
haha..bored of the plain, same watch?

everyone wants casio NOWWWW!

so get this..dun bother buying GUESS, SWATCH now..(not yet maybe?)..haha..

i mean casio..totally old skool.. =)

direct text me at 017-2640342 ayte..

sebab email..lambat lah..okay, i yang lembab..haha

but i still check my email..

u can still email me..

p/s: did i mention u'll get a box as well?not lah the casio box..a pretty n cool box lah tapi.. :)

casio :)

rm70 only ;)


yana :)