Sunday, December 5, 2010

tops,outers..stuffs.. :)

hye girls...
im back again with new arrivals..
sorry for the hiatus..quite long huh?
am quite bz with work, exams, stuffs.. ;)
so here i am..hope u girls like it..picked them with the help from me sista..

see thru cardi :)

RM49 only :)
saw somewhere selling it for RM55..
(a hot selling item)

lots of people kept asking me about this cardi during the bazaar..
but i didnt have that much at that time..
so here u go..again :)


satin jacket :)

ooh i loveee this satin jacket..

loving the cutting, the material..i mean u can wear it formally or casually..
havent seen it in other blogs..
(but correct me if im wrong..i dun blogwalk that much..hehe)

RM50 only :)

beige shirt :)

i loooveeee this too..the material sgt selesa okays.. wear it tied up,loose..tucked in..
anyways..shirt is a totally never ending trend.. :)

sold the white one..

n this beige is also the last piece..

grab it before its too late.. :)

RM39 only


vintage boxxy :)

totally classy..but vintage like :)

use it as a sling, briefcase like, or even clutch..

the material is very nice..totally recommended! hee.. :)

seriouslyyy..loving it! :)

RM 50 only :)


for more enquiries or info,

pls email me at

or text me at


till then,

xoxo :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

cheap kaftan for sale..seriously =)

these are for u..our first kaftan collection..
n am soooooo loving it..
me n momma decide to try n sell kaftan..
kaftans are the hot selling item everywhere..i mean seriously everywhere..=)
but if u go n buy kaftans in boutiques,the price are usually 2/3 times higher as they need to pay for the 'sewa' n everything kan..
if u grab them here..u can get them for less than rm200..ooh yess,no kidding! :)

we only have 1 piece for each design n colour..n all them are very exclusive..
the designs, luxury-ious! (mind the word..haha)
do email me at or text me for faster reply at 017-2640342..
(ooh my sister berjaya get one for herself..ooh so jealous!citss)

K1 :)







light purple





(my ultimate favourite!haha..)


dark brown :)


rm129 only!!seriously.. :)

K2 :)



grey :)



rm199 only :)

boutiques are selling these for around rm299 and above..

plus the diamonds are too nice to deny!haha.. :)

K3 :)

OMG n this pieceeeee..i only have one in my hands!!n only white!

seriously u need to get this!even the supplier doesnt have it anymore..

totally princess-y!

and again..rm199 only :)


for more enquiries or info,

pls email me at

or text me for faster reply at


till then dearies..

xoxo, yana

Sunday, November 21, 2010

moreeee loveelyyyyy casio! :)

girlssss..okay and even guysss..haha
helping my sister to sell these casio watches..
i loveeeee themmmm..i even took one for myself..
n i want more..haha..

so here's the thing..casio is the IN thing ryte nowwww..kaaaannn!!haha..
colourful..databank...all them!
so dun go find anywhere else..
sini kan senang..haha..
go on..choose.. :)

RM55 only :)


rm35 only :)
loovveeee the colourssss..haha.. :)


for more enquiries or info,
pls email me at
or text me for fast reply at
till then..xoxo,
yana :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

am planning..hmm..haha

hye girls..'s the thing..
am actually planning..just planning..
to sell this bag off..haha
(trying to see if anyone's interested..hihi)

i really..seriously..i looovveeee this bow handbag soo much..
i bought it from kiss and tell which i have to wait for nearly 1 month just to get it..
it has been a hot selling item everywhere else..
am planning to sell it because i've only used it once!
seriously once!haha..
plus i usually carry a big handbag to work..

blogshops that i browsed thru sell this bag around rm49-rm55 ryte?
i bought it for rm49+poslaju..cost me around rm55 maybe..
so here's the thing..would u like to have this bag for only rm4o?

picture credit to kiss and tell blogshop :)

it is in a perfecttttt condition!

if no one wants it then i guess i'll have to use it lah kann?hahaha..

but i can try first lahh..lemme noe k girls.. :)

SOLD - thanks sarah :)

p/s: btw, it has fully chain handle.. :)



Friday, November 5, 2010

preloved stuffs :)

hye girls..
sorry ive been missing for soooo long..
n am sorry again for not being able to update new stuff for u.. not letting this blog to 'mati' lah..
plus i miss my blogshop..

so finally today..i decided to jual my preloved clothes..
more to come..but i nak try first lah..
see how it i havent got the chance to go search stock baru for u girls..
do lemme noe if u like it yea..
plss do..i lovee them..but its time to let them go.. ;)

cotton on lacey skirt :)
there was once i x ingat bila..
a customer textd me whether i'd like to sell this skirt..
at that time i wasnt going to..
but now get them.. :)


RM 25 only :)

top-lace dress ;)
i bought this dress from vivace cabin..
i do love it sooo much..since it fits nicely..
even the length of the dress..arm length..
but i wore it only once..teruk kan?haha..


RM 30 ONLY :)

simple white dress ;)

a simple white dress can be worn anywhere.. nyte maybe..
its even comfortable..
dun is in a very good condition..
u can even look at the colour.. ;)


RM 25 only ;)

overall ;)
ooh yess..sadly im planning to sell this overall off..
y?its because i have too much overalls and jumpsuits which i hardly nak pakai..
so here it goes..hahaha..


RM30 only :)

any enquiries or info,
plss email me at
or text me at
till then dearies..
xoxo, yana

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the new "i need that" thing..haha

hye girls..

so i know i havent been updating since..i dun know..forever?haha..

havent get the chance to take pictures n update..

actually, i thot of selling my preloved clothes since im working n didnt get the chance to wear the casual clothes that much!

eerr..what do u think?i'll get back to u on that yea.. =)

so, the reason y im writing this today is because...

am helping 'me' sister to sell these casio..

casio is the new "i need that" thing right..
haha..bored of the plain, same watch?

everyone wants casio NOWWWW!

so get this..dun bother buying GUESS, SWATCH now..(not yet maybe?)..haha..

i mean casio..totally old skool.. =)

direct text me at 017-2640342 ayte..

sebab email..lambat lah..okay, i yang lembab..haha

but i still check my email..

u can still email me..

p/s: did i mention u'll get a box as well?not lah the casio box..a pretty n cool box lah tapi.. :)

casio :)

rm70 only ;)


yana :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

finally back!! :)

hye girls...
sorry for not updating quite some time..
it's been more than a month huh?
sorry again...tough time lah these few days..

but no back with new n cheap stuffs...
lemme noe if ure interested yeah..
n selamat berpuasa lovely dearies..

mobile: 017-2640342

p/s: text me for fast reply k.. :)

quarter dress :)

this cotton quarter dress is really comfy..
i even took one for myself..
n if u look at other blogs,they usually sell the sleeveless stripe dress..
so get it here if u like this one..
as for me..i loveee it.. :)



RM45 only :)

rockchick chain top :)

look at the puffy sleeve and the details..
totally rock-ish..
pair it up with a long stockings and killer heels..
the material is even more superb.. :)


RM39 only :)

bubbly dress :)

this bubbly dress is to be in love with..
yess..u can wear it to a party, nice dinner or anywhere..
it's just how u where it..
i'd like it to be paired with a biker n a pair of heels..
3 colours available.. :)


RM39 only :)

for any enquiries or info,
plss email me at
or text me,
till then lovelies..xoxo

Monday, July 5, 2010

floral jumpsuits, primark bag n prints!! :)

hye girls..
its been long since my last update..
im sorry..its just that ive been busy working n workout..
(wahh..mcm bagus je kan..haha)
so here r few new stuffs for u girls..

floral jumpsuits r so in kaannn..not just that..floral n printed stuffs pon r the 'in' thing ryte now why wait..i've limited items..( i love them myself...sukeeee...)
as usual..kalau nak fast reply..text me pon fast je k..hihi..
enjoy the new update girls..

yana :)

floral jumpsuit :)
the jumpsuits r sooo comfortable..
n i love them... :)

RM50 only :)


floral mini dress :)

this mini dress also comes in blue..
tp sold out dah la..hihi..sorry..
so,left with this colour lah..
i love it..the floral prints tue nampak so english kann.. :)

RM39 only :)


printed D :)
look at the prints..
different from prints yang we usually see kann..

n the combination colour pon nice.. :)

RM39 only :)


primark blue :)
use it as a sling..or tie it up n use as a shoulder bag..
or even a clutch..up to u..

loving the colour..its a combination of navy n gold!! :)
n material dia mcm velvet skit!! (melting even more..)

RM45 only :)


brown envelope :)
last one in my hands..
it has been a hot selling item everywhere else..
im not sure bout u..
but this envelope looking bag cantik if u buat as a shoulder bag..

RM45 only :)


for any info or enquiries,
do email me at
or text me at
till then..