Monday, October 26, 2009 handbags including POSTAGE!! (<50!!)

hye there dearies..
sorry for the long hiatus!!we r actually here but been bz with work!! =(
but we r back..with great stuff n cheap prices..=)
now for this post, we're updating 2 kinds of handbags that we r soOo in love with..
studded bag n vintagy bag..both r sOo in trend yeah..

dun worry..both r brand new n r selling at cheap prices..
the blue studded bag were spotted at other blogshop selling for rm55 not including postage..
so y wait..grab them now!! =)

B10 - Blue studded!!
This blue studded bag can be use both as a shoulder or a sling bag!!
look different now in blue studded bag..
bcuz we usually saw studded bags in black or brown..
grab now at only RM50 including postage!!


B11 - Vintagy Big

This vintagy big bag is back!! woot woot..=)
This vintagy bag is back with new colour..
Grab 1 now babes..
same cheap price..RM45 including postage!!
cheap huh??? *steal*

SOLD - thanks eammy ;)

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till then..xoxo

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

studded vest...seriously cheap!!

hye u dearies..
sorry 4 not updating long enuff!!
today, we r updating the sOo very hot selling items at a cheap price!!
seriously..from what we've seen,studded vest were sold for around rm38-rm45..

but here at boo-mie, u can grab them at only RM35!!
yess!! seriously at rm35 only..=)

so why wait,
grab now as we only have 1 for each colour..=)
go on now babes..SHOP!! hahha...

BLACK - SOLD (thx nini)

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till then babes..xoxo =)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

rockstar stud clincher including postage again!!

hye babes..
for today..a great rockstar item..
studs clincher..OMG!!
we saw this exact same clincher sold in other blogshops for RM35..not including postage!!
but since this is one of our favourite item..
we're gonna share the greatness with u girls n selling it for only RM28 including pos express!!

studs clincher babes!!soOo in ryte now..grab it..=)
RM28 including postage!!*steal*
2 available

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till then..xoxo