Monday, December 21, 2009

leopard print bags,leather jacket n sequined legging!!

hye there girlss!!
finally an update from us..hihi
sorry..but we've been bz..working, joining bazaars and all..
so here's an update for u ayte!! :)

btw..we want to thank all u babes who came by to our booth at subang square last saturday..
u babes rock!! *hugsies*
n hope all u who purchased sumthing,berpuas hati..=)

so let's start!! shop now..hihi

leopard print bag :)
we totally love this leopard print bag!!
seriously,it's us.. ;)
saw the same kind of bag but without the leopard print
selling at RM69.90 sumwhere..

but u can grab this superb design bag at
only RM55+postage..
sorry but we cant provide free postage for this item..
so y wait..grab 1 now yea babes!!
oowh..btw u can use it as a
hand carry/shoulder/sling bag!!
totally awesome!! ;)

only RM55+postage!! :)

leather biker jack!! ;)

yess..lotsa of people had been asking bout this jacket..
the material is awesome..
seriously,it feels like a real leather jacket..
the look of it says it all... ;)

so to those who haven't got their biker yet,
do grab this one..
we've sold the black 1..
but this tan brown is awesome too..
don't la always black kan..haha :D

only RM55!! :)

sequined legging!! :)

totally must have girlss!!
sequined legging is a must have item in ur closet!!
look at the details..awesome huh?? ;)

definitely topshop inspired..
y buy at topshop when u can grab it here
at cheap price..
ooh..and saw sumwhere selling it for rm50+..

so grab this sequined legging here
at only RM45!! ;)


for more info or enquiries,
do email us at
or text us at
till then..xoxo :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

!!zipper sequins and animal printed bodycons!! ;)

OMG!!sorry we cant wait to post these stuffs up!!
we thot of waiting till next week to upload them..
but sigh..we r just too excited..wink ;)

okay..we gonna give u great stuffs..only the fab ones ya..haha
  1. zipper sequins bodycon
  2. outshine zebra bodycon
  3. cotton zebra minidress
  4. fab leopard dress
so y wait..grab them now..cuz we r not sure if we can restock them!!

1. zipper sequins bodycon

haven't had ur sequin dress yet??
haa..then grab this one bcuz its different then any other sequin dresses..
it has fully zipper n its bodycon as well!! ;)
besides..look at the details of the sequins..totally neat!!

wear it to clubs, or even a simple dinner too..
basically anywhere u want..haha

RM50 only!!
totally worth it.. ;)


2. outshine zebra bodycon
OMG!! we totally love this one..
wear it as a mini dress or even a top.. ;)
animal printed stuffs r soOo in now ya..
so, already have 1?
if not..grab this 1 now..

altho' it's simple..this dress totally outshine any1 else..haha
because look at the design..totally lovin it..
n its sexy too.. ;)

RM40 only!!


3. cotton zebra mini dress

apparently, we love this one too..haha
because the material is cotton!!
its so comfortable, we thot of having it for ourselves too..

since it's cotton material,
u can wear it casually..
as a mini dress to look sexy..
or even a top..pair it with a tights or leggings!! ;)
RM40 only!!

4. fabulous leopard dress ;)

woww!!totally fab!!
okay..since we r in the latest trend of animal printed stuffs..
we suggest u grab this 1 now..hihi..
wear it to a dinner party, work, or even casual outing!!
perfect for any day use.. ;)

this dress also has a belt attached to it..
great huh?sweet-ness!!

RM45 only!!


for more info or enquiries,
do email us at
or text us at 017-2640342
till then..xoxo ;)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

lippy lengging,white flowery top n sexy 'X' dress.. =)

we r back again with few fab stuffs for u.. =)
hurmm..yess..we mean fabulous n greatness stuffs!! haha..

starting the Christmas month with shopping..
as worries bout the postage yeah..its on us!!
free postage for u girls!! =)

so,lets start n have fun shopping..
Lippy legging ;)

This lippy legging has superb n cooling material..
n the pattern is nice too..*lovin' it*
we only have 1 of it so grab now n look different in it..
every girl shud have few leggings in their wardrobe huh?
so grab this one instead of the plain leggings.. ;)

only RM35 including postage!! ;)


White flowery top ;)
This White flowery top is a 1,
not sOo sexy off-shoulder top!!
oowh,u can even where it as a mini dress too.. ;)
we love the body cutting at the bottom of the top..
plus the flowers!!they r 3D..haha..

The material is cotton so u can expect the comfort'ness' huh?
grab we only have 1 as well..=)

only rm35 including postage!! ;)


the Sexxyy.. 'X' dress ;)
haha..y do we call this as the Sexxyy 'X' dress??
look at the sexy 'X' design at the back..
totally in love with it.. ;)

moreover, look at the fabulous details on the top!!
the details r sOo nice n sexy tOo.. ;)
*heart melt*
do wear it as a top or even a mini dress
to look even more sexy.. ;)
the cuttings n material is superb tOo..

grab now for only RM40 including postage!! ;)


for any info or enquiries,
do email us at
or text us at 017-2640342
till then..*hugsies*

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

maxi!!n zipper dress..including postage!! ;) updates in quite a long time huh.. ;)
so here comes a mini one..
some great items to share with all u girls..

we usually see maxi's in cotton n layered with different colours or pattern ryte..
so today, we r bringing in diff kind of maxi..
this halter floral maxi can be worn to anywhere u like..we mean beach, casual outing or even to a simple dinner as well..

as for this zipper dress, we do love it because of the cutting..
its quite simple n the quality is superb as even has a zip at the back for easy wearing.. =)
grab it now babes!!

floral halter maxi
design on the top of the dress.. *we love the colour!!*
the design on the bottom of the dress..*superb*
fits UK 6-UK 12
material is chiffon..

only RM55 including postage..


zipper dress
the truest colour is grey!!
we actually took another picture of it..
the clearer ones..but suddenly *hilang*!! request for more pictures if u need to see more of it.. can fit UK6-UK10..
the material is more to light denim..and cotton'ish'.. ;)

only RM45 including postage!!


biggy beach hat.. ;)

okay..since we r updating a maxi dress,
we also bringing in the beach hat as well..
people usually wear this biggy hat to the beach huh?

so..if u still dont have 1..grab this 1 now..
coz we r selling it cheap.. ;)

its BRAND NEW..dun worry..
the colour is off white..
only RM25 including postage!! cheap cheap.. ;)


for any info or enquiries,
do email us at
or text us at 017-2640342..
till then dearies..xoxo

Monday, November 16, 2009

netty cardigans!!

dearies..quite a long hiatus huh??
sorry for not updating long enuff..
so for today..we will be updating few great stuffs just for u girlsss...

netty cardigans..
no worries usual, postage fees r on us..
shop here, n no postage fees!! hahaha... ;)

so here it goes..

CC01 - netty cardigan..
haha..too much pictures for these net cardigan huh?
sorry..just for u to get the picture..=)
these cardigans r different from cardigans
u usually see.. ;)
u can just put it on a plain top ryte??
plus its quite long too..
u rarely see a net cardigan??
then grab this one now!!

only RM39 including postage!!

colours available:

for more info or enquiries,
do email us at
or text us at
till then babes..xoxo

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

primark clutch n handmade tee for sale!!

hye there babes..again..
we r updating few great stuffs to share with u..
so here it goes.. ;)

this Primark clutch is from UK..
bought it but never had the chance to use it.. decided to let it go at cheap price..=)

n this handmade tee is made for u 80's babes..
haha..was made by my sister..she's studying fashion..=)
so u wont find this handmade tee anywhere else but here at boo-mie..

soOo..go shOp what's left here at boo-mie blogshop.. =)
cuz they r cheap..=)
Primark clutch babes..
look at the last picture..brand: atmosphere.. =)

letting it go for only RM15!! ;)


This 80's babe handmade tee is great!!
u wont find it anywhere else girls..
so grab it..
cuz we r letting go for
only RM25!!

cheap for a handmade tee.. ;)

for any enquiries or info..
do contact us at
or text us at 017-2640342
till then..much love from us.. ;)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

2 biker jackets on sale including postage!!

hye there dearies..
so today..we r posting 2 designs of biker jackets..
dun worry..they r BRAND NEW items..

we just love to give u babes free postage..haha..y not ryte..=)
we think, each girl shud have a biker jacket..
but if u already have 1, y not grab another 1..haha
bcuz we provide free postage for u!! =)

so, y wait..only 1 available for each design..
feel free to grab it..

J01 - zipper jack!!

this zipper biker jacket is boo-mie's fave!!
we love it..the design looks more
like a rockchick..=)
n its not even thick..
so grab it we only have 1 available..

n its only RM55 including postage!!


J02 - studded jack!!

This studded biker jacket has a hoodie..
yeay..we rarely see biker jackets with hoodies huh?
so do look different n grab this 1..
based on the supplier,
this is one of the hot selling ones..=)

leave the postage fees to us..
no worries..=)

only RM55 including postage!!


for any info or enquiries,
do email us at
or text us at
till then dearies..xoxo

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

snake skin legging n loose studded chain top!!

hye dearies..
we dun usually do updates 2 days in a row!!
but guess what..more great items 4 u..
i even got these items for myself..haha

so go on babes!!shopp!!
as postage 4 u..=)

This snake skin leggings n loose studded chain tops r soOo very in..
they r even comfortable..
wearing a loose top n pair it with this gorgeous leggings makes u hoT!!
n even look like a rockchick!! =)
As u can see..
This snake skin leggings is not like the glossy ones..
look different now!!grab it..
but if u girls r interested in the glossy snake skin leggings,
we can order them 4 u..=)

n they r only RM35 including pos express!!
yess..y postage babes!!


This loose studded chain top looks
gorgeous if u pair it with a pair of leggings
n high heels!!
u dun need to wear necklaces anymore!!
grab 1 now!!
but do wear sum bangles babes!! =)
boo-mie's fave!! haha..

only RM38 including pos express!!


for any enquiries or info..
do email us at
or text us at
till the next update..xoxo

the 'IN' postage!!

hye dearies..
as usual..we're gonna update only the exciting items!!haha..
yess..exciting to us n hoping to all u too..=)

we noe,gold bangles r soOo in ryte now!!kaannn.. grab it now!!
y buy the expensive ones at diva or topshop when u can buy the same quality from us??haha..
(not good at promoting huh??)

so grab them now as we r promoting them with free postage pos express!!

G01 - biggy gold bangle
This gold bangle can be worn by itself or playing around by mixing
it with other bangles..
gold bangles makes u look like a rockstar or even elegant!!
depends on how u dress up!!
we say u girls grab it!!come on.*steal*
cuz they r in!!

SOLD - thanx eammy ;)

RM20 including POS EXPRESS!!

G02 - gold n white bangles

What else can we say!!
these white n gold bangles r in a package..
n its even cheap to grab..
we saw bangles quite like this at diva..
they r selling theM for nearly rm30+.. *steal* now..
as we r offering them free postage!!


RM28 including POS EXPRESS!!


for more info or enquiries,
do email us at
or text us at 017-2640342
till then..xoxo