Wednesday, June 2, 2010

back with men's band tee!! back!!
so..guys love band tees ryte??i mean..
from what i saw lah kan..guys love to wear band tees..
especially the-rockstars!!

so for today..
sex pistols!!yess...
loving it..sangat rockstar ok!!hihi..
RM30 only.. :)

p/s: cuz people kept on asking if i've got men's tee..
so here goes to u guys..
even took 1 for himself too..n he loves it.. :)

black n white available... :)
sexy v-neck!!
guys nowadays like v-necklines kan?
(i think so.. )

RM30 only.. :)
totally rockstar.. hihi..

any enquiries or info..
do email me at
or text me at
till then..xoxo :)