Monday, July 5, 2010

floral jumpsuits, primark bag n prints!! :)

hye girls..
its been long since my last update..
im sorry..its just that ive been busy working n workout..
(wahh..mcm bagus je kan..haha)
so here r few new stuffs for u girls..

floral jumpsuits r so in kaannn..not just that..floral n printed stuffs pon r the 'in' thing ryte now why wait..i've limited items..( i love them myself...sukeeee...)
as usual..kalau nak fast reply..text me pon fast je k..hihi..
enjoy the new update girls..

yana :)

floral jumpsuit :)
the jumpsuits r sooo comfortable..
n i love them... :)

RM50 only :)


floral mini dress :)

this mini dress also comes in blue..
tp sold out dah la..hihi..sorry..
so,left with this colour lah..
i love it..the floral prints tue nampak so english kann.. :)

RM39 only :)


printed D :)
look at the prints..
different from prints yang we usually see kann..

n the combination colour pon nice.. :)

RM39 only :)


primark blue :)
use it as a sling..or tie it up n use as a shoulder bag..
or even a clutch..up to u..

loving the colour..its a combination of navy n gold!! :)
n material dia mcm velvet skit!! (melting even more..)

RM45 only :)


brown envelope :)
last one in my hands..
it has been a hot selling item everywhere else..
im not sure bout u..
but this envelope looking bag cantik if u buat as a shoulder bag..

RM45 only :)


for any info or enquiries,
do email me at
or text me at
till then..