Tuesday, December 8, 2009

!!zipper sequins and animal printed bodycons!! ;)

OMG!!sorry we cant wait to post these stuffs up!!
we thot of waiting till next week to upload them..
but sigh..we r just too excited..wink ;)

okay..we gonna give u great stuffs..only the fab ones ya..haha
  1. zipper sequins bodycon
  2. outshine zebra bodycon
  3. cotton zebra minidress
  4. fab leopard dress
so y wait..grab them now..cuz we r not sure if we can restock them!!

1. zipper sequins bodycon

haven't had ur sequin dress yet??
haa..then grab this one bcuz its different then any other sequin dresses..
it has fully zipper n its bodycon as well!! ;)
besides..look at the details of the sequins..totally neat!!

wear it to clubs, or even a simple dinner too..
basically anywhere u want..haha

RM50 only!!
totally worth it.. ;)


2. outshine zebra bodycon
OMG!! we totally love this one..
wear it as a mini dress or even a top.. ;)
animal printed stuffs r soOo in now ya..
so, already have 1?
if not..grab this 1 now..

altho' it's simple..this dress totally outshine any1 else..haha
because look at the design..totally lovin it..
n its sexy too.. ;)

RM40 only!!


3. cotton zebra mini dress

apparently, we love this one too..haha
because the material is cotton!!
its so comfortable, we thot of having it for ourselves too..

since it's cotton material,
u can wear it casually..
as a mini dress to look sexy..
or even a top..pair it with a tights or leggings!! ;)
RM40 only!!

4. fabulous leopard dress ;)

woww!!totally fab!!
okay..since we r in the latest trend of animal printed stuffs..
we suggest u grab this 1 now..hihi..
wear it to a dinner party, work, or even casual outing!!
perfect for any day use.. ;)

this dress also has a belt attached to it..
great huh?sweet-ness!!

RM45 only!!


for more info or enquiries,
do email us at
or text us at 017-2640342
till then..xoxo ;)

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