Sunday, May 24, 2009


2nd post in the same day..huhu..i noe..'pelik' kan..okay..let's the belts..lovin it already..hihi..

wait till u see the 2nd pix..
this is the 2nd pix..n as u can see..this belt can be used in 2 ways..isnt that cool..
haha..bought it in UK as well..but again..never had a chance to wear it as i got
too many clinchers..its sOo like one of a kind babes..=)we got this in 2 n brown..1 each..BRAND NEW..NEVER WORN
come on dearies..take it..haha..coz am letting it go for only RM12!!
what?? cool is again n again ryte..hihi..=)


text us..till ya..muahss=)

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