Monday, May 25, 2009

mOre 2 go.. a newbie..we r still posting more stuff to be sold and slowly..haha...
n for it goes..
These belt were bought at a very expensive price but sadly didnt have the chance to always wear it..only worn like 3 times and it's still in a purr-fect condition..letting it go for only RM20!!

This is the closer look of the belt..mind the pictures.using camera phone..all diamonds r still in place..purrfect condition n purr-fect price..*steal*'s only RM20!! text us..017-2640342

n now for a tee..=)

This L.O.V.E tee were bought from a fren..handmade from it's one of a kind tee..suddenly i remembered the L.O.V.E song..haha..this is a BRAND NEW n NEVER WORN tee..i bought it but i have too many tee and havent had the chance to wear..
so,grab it for only RM22!!u cant find it in any shops tho'..=)

This is the closer look of the L.O.V.E tee..great colour for a tee ha??huhu..lovin the combination colours..grab it..go on..there's only 1 of this..*steal*..just RM22!!..text us..!!

till the next post ya..muahss..

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