Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3 things..=)

hye there babes..
sorry 4 not being able to update new stuff this last few days..
so here i go..grab it..cheap..cheap.. ;)

denim dress ;)
okay..the 1st item is a denim dress which i bought in UK..
its a preloved dress but only been worn ONCE!! for less than 5 hrs..haha =)
letting this go cuz havent had the chance to wear it..
so grab this dress at only RM35..*steal*
denim dress is in these days,dont u think??

This is the back view of the item..
more pictures,u can email or text us at
boomieboolats@yahoo.com.my or 017-2640342

off shoulder white topThis is an off shoulder white top.. preloved as well n only been worn ONCE too!! ;)
bought it when i was in IRELAND for around 12 euros
letting it go sbb dah x pakai..=)
RM20 ONLY..*steal*
The brand is BERSHKA.. not in msia..so grab it babes..
ONLY RM20..=)

brown clincher
This clincher is BRAND NEW..
bought from a bazaar for RM30..;)
but its quite big for me..
so have to let it go for ONLY RM20!! *steal* This is the closer look of the clincher..
its in brown n have 5 diamonds in each sides..
brand new..grab it fast!!
RM20 ONLY..;)
SOLD..thanx babe
for any enquiries or more pictures,
u can email or contact us at
boomieboolats@yahoo.com.my or 017-2640342

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