Monday, July 6, 2009


updating 1 item 4 today..
really hope u babes r interested..huhu..
as before,u girls can contact us at or 017-2640342..=)
now lets start..
mini's in blue's a mini skirt for u..we only have one of this n its brand new..
brand: radioactive
blue is currently in ryte..y not grab this as we r selling it for only RM20..
very cheap compared to minis' sold in other blogshop ryte..
*steal* only RM20

here..more pictures for u to look at!!plss grab it..hahathis is the back look of it..=)
sweet huh..hihibrand new..still with tag!!i love the buttons..sOo cute..
sorry bout the lighting of the picture..its really in blue..
like in the upper pictures..=)

Plss mail us for more pictures..come on..=)
till ya..xoxo

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