Sunday, December 5, 2010

tops,outers..stuffs.. :)

hye girls...
im back again with new arrivals..
sorry for the hiatus..quite long huh?
am quite bz with work, exams, stuffs.. ;)
so here i am..hope u girls like it..picked them with the help from me sista..

see thru cardi :)

RM49 only :)
saw somewhere selling it for RM55..
(a hot selling item)

lots of people kept asking me about this cardi during the bazaar..
but i didnt have that much at that time..
so here u go..again :)


satin jacket :)

ooh i loveee this satin jacket..

loving the cutting, the material..i mean u can wear it formally or casually..
havent seen it in other blogs..
(but correct me if im wrong..i dun blogwalk that much..hehe)

RM50 only :)

beige shirt :)

i loooveeee this too..the material sgt selesa okays.. wear it tied up,loose..tucked in..
anyways..shirt is a totally never ending trend.. :)

sold the white one..

n this beige is also the last piece..

grab it before its too late.. :)

RM39 only


vintage boxxy :)

totally classy..but vintage like :)

use it as a sling, briefcase like, or even clutch..

the material is very nice..totally recommended! hee.. :)

seriouslyyy..loving it! :)

RM 50 only :)


for more enquiries or info,

pls email me at

or text me at


till then,

xoxo :)

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