Sunday, November 8, 2009

2 biker jackets on sale including postage!!

hye there dearies..
so today..we r posting 2 designs of biker jackets..
dun worry..they r BRAND NEW items..

we just love to give u babes free postage..haha..y not ryte..=)
we think, each girl shud have a biker jacket..
but if u already have 1, y not grab another 1..haha
bcuz we provide free postage for u!! =)

so, y wait..only 1 available for each design..
feel free to grab it..

J01 - zipper jack!!

this zipper biker jacket is boo-mie's fave!!
we love it..the design looks more
like a rockchick..=)
n its not even thick..
so grab it we only have 1 available..

n its only RM55 including postage!!


J02 - studded jack!!

This studded biker jacket has a hoodie..
yeay..we rarely see biker jackets with hoodies huh?
so do look different n grab this 1..
based on the supplier,
this is one of the hot selling ones..=)

leave the postage fees to us..
no worries..=)

only RM55 including postage!!


for any info or enquiries,
do email us at
or text us at
till then dearies..xoxo

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