Wednesday, November 25, 2009

maxi!!n zipper dress..including postage!! ;) updates in quite a long time huh.. ;)
so here comes a mini one..
some great items to share with all u girls..

we usually see maxi's in cotton n layered with different colours or pattern ryte..
so today, we r bringing in diff kind of maxi..
this halter floral maxi can be worn to anywhere u like..we mean beach, casual outing or even to a simple dinner as well..

as for this zipper dress, we do love it because of the cutting..
its quite simple n the quality is superb as even has a zip at the back for easy wearing.. =)
grab it now babes!!

floral halter maxi
design on the top of the dress.. *we love the colour!!*
the design on the bottom of the dress..*superb*
fits UK 6-UK 12
material is chiffon..

only RM55 including postage..


zipper dress
the truest colour is grey!!
we actually took another picture of it..
the clearer ones..but suddenly *hilang*!! request for more pictures if u need to see more of it.. can fit UK6-UK10..
the material is more to light denim..and cotton'ish'.. ;)

only RM45 including postage!!


biggy beach hat.. ;)

okay..since we r updating a maxi dress,
we also bringing in the beach hat as well..
people usually wear this biggy hat to the beach huh?

so..if u still dont have 1..grab this 1 now..
coz we r selling it cheap.. ;)

its BRAND NEW..dun worry..
the colour is off white..
only RM25 including postage!! cheap cheap.. ;)


for any info or enquiries,
do email us at
or text us at 017-2640342..
till then dearies..xoxo

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