Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the 'IN' bangles..free postage!!

hye dearies..
as usual..we're gonna update only the exciting items!!haha..
yess..exciting to us n hoping to all u too..=)

we noe,gold bangles r soOo in ryte now!!kaannn..
so..do grab it now!!
y buy the expensive ones at diva or topshop when u can buy the same quality from us??haha..
(not good at promoting huh??)

so grab them now as we r promoting them with free postage babes...yess..free pos express!!

G01 - biggy gold bangle
This gold bangle can be worn by itself or playing around by mixing
it with other bangles..
gold bangles makes u look like a rockstar or even elegant!!
depends on how u dress up!!
we say u girls grab it!!come on.*steal*
cuz they r in!!

SOLD - thanx eammy ;)

RM20 including POS EXPRESS!!

G02 - gold n white bangles

What else can we say!!
these white n gold bangles r in a package..
n its even cheap to grab..
we saw bangles quite like this at diva..
they r selling theM for nearly rm30+..
haha..so *steal* now..
as we r offering them free postage!!


RM28 including POS EXPRESS!!


for more info or enquiries,
do email us at
or text us at 017-2640342
till then..xoxo

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