Monday, January 4, 2010

antique long gold-ish necklace n bracelet too!! ;)

its been more than a week since my last update..
sorry but im handling this blog alone now..heEe.. :)
its cuz my sister has her own blog have a visit ayte..

so here's an update 4 u k..
long antique look-alike necklace..loving the old antique gold-ish colour.. ;)
seriously will cost u so much more if u buy at diva or sumthing..haha..

so here it shop!! ;)

the angel :)

RM 15 only!! ;)

the love cage ;)
RM15 only!! ;)

the heart-ness :)
RM15 only!! :)


p/s: sorry for the bad picture girls..:(
colour truest to the 2nd picture k.. :)

the mix ones :)
RM15 only!! ;)


the bracelet ;)
this is the only bracelet i brought back from the supplier..
just wanna try first if u girls like it..heEe!!~

but i suggest u girls grab it bcuz its only RM10 only!! ;)


for any enquiries or info,
do email me at
or text us at
till the nxt update babes!!xoxo

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