Tuesday, January 26, 2010

black 'n' gold hotness!!

finally..im back!!!with goods..
stuffs which i love..hoping u'll love them too...=)

hurmm..love the look of Blair from gossip girls??
but tired of the same type of hairband?ribbon or feathers??
so look different now with beads n sequined hairbands!!

totally loving them..wear them for casual outing or a simple dinner maybe?? ;)
u will definitely look outstanding!!

secondly,the MJ inspired shoulder mini dress!!
im not sure if u can get this in msia...i hope not!!hahaha..
i brought it back when i was on holiday last month..
i like it n i hope u girls like it too...
plss grab it fast as i only have 1 in black n 1 in dark gray!! =)

so go on now girls..shoppp!!!!

black sequined :)
seriously, i love this one..
black beads n sequins baby!!haha...
plus..it fits u perfectly..i mean..looks perfectly stick on ur head..=)
totally loving it..grab it now girls!!

RM20 only!! ;)

gold beads! ;)
i love this one too..
its quite simple to wear it casually..
n the combination of the gold beads n black hairband
makes it nicer..heEe..

p/s: mind the face..bad hair day la..=p
grab now girls..

RM18 only!! :)


MJ's inspired ;)

seriously..dont u just love the shoulder part?? :)
its not too puffy n its not even too pointy..
n the combination colour r a total hotness!! ;)

dont worry about being comfortable..
bcuz the material's great..
SEXXY!!! ;)

RM 45 only!! :)


for more enquiries or info,
do email us at
or text us at
till then girls..xoxo

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