Wednesday, January 27, 2010

more black 'n' gold hotness!!!

again..updates for two days straight!! haha..=)
loving it..*wink*
not quite bz in the office la can update.. ;)

hurmm..i dunno y..
but i just loooveee..long necklaces..n other accessories too... :)
so i decide to bring in more for u..
plus black n gold r sooo in kaann...i think**hihi...

oowh..besides accessories..
remember the famous jacket most of u asked for?
the one i bought from coco goddess blogshop?? i bring in the jacket for u.......
seriously,its the same!!!
the material n everything..totally love it!!

so here it now!!! :)

studded rockchick!! ;)
look like a rockchick!!
im totally in love with this..
the big gold studs n zipper..hihi
trust me... ;)
n look at the buckle..easy one..=)

RM35 only!! ;)
(saw at a bazaar selling it for RM48!!)


black n gold pleated!! :)
i totally love this one...
the combination of black n gold..
n the pleated..huhuhu...
plss grab it...
(i actually want 1 for myself i'll be taking 1) ;)

RM25 only!! ;)


multi black n gold!! ;)
i loovveee this one too..haha..
my sister loves this..
u can use it as it is...or tie it up..=)
oowh..nice if u wear it with a plain top..or maybe with a dress??
dunno..up to u..=)

RM25 only!! ;)


the famous one!! ;)
for those who didnt get the chance to grab
the famous jacket from coco goddess,
grab it from me..hahaha..=)

its been a hot selling item there..
(btw, i love her blog!! ;) )

RM60 only!! ;)


for more enquiries or info,
do email me at
or text us at
till then dearies..xoxo

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