Monday, April 5, 2010

leftovers from bazaar..which r left only 1 each..=)

hye girls..
i joined a bazaar last saturday at subang parade..
n i sold some great stuffs before i sempat nak update them here..haha.. :)
sorry.. :)
but these r the leftovers of new bags from the bazaar..
great ones...
i only left with 1 each of these if u want them..
plss email or text me fast yea..hihi.. :)

grey zipper bucket :)

i totally love this bag..n its a hot selling one too..
i sold other colours like brown,blue..etc..
but left with only this can be matched easily too.. :)
i love the zipper part n the quality is also good..
(colour truest to the 3rd picture)

RM55 only :)


brown multi-use bag :)

i call it multi-use as it can be used as a shoulder, sling or even a backpack.. :)
n look at the colour and compartments..
seriously..if u love the casual look..u better grab it..
because..i sold other colours as well.. :)
ooh..n i love the 1st picture n the colour..haha..

RM55 only :)

SOLD more updates will be coming soon ayte..
i promise u.. ;)
grab this one first yea.. :)
cuz the next update wont be a bag update..haha..
(mind my english..haha)

any enquiries can be made thru
or text us at
till then..thanks
xoxo :)


  1. i love the brown bag. i wish i can have one :(

  2. backpack ni still available tak?