Wednesday, March 31, 2010

more beads n sequined hairbands!! :)

hye girls..
ive restocked few hairbands since there were quite some people had been asking..
but then..i cant seem to get the previous designs..
im sorry but the supplier ran out of stock..

so i chose to get the new designs..n i think they r still nice n different..
i me..n i hope to u too..=)
cuz u usually see hairbands with big flowers n feathers ryte??
not these ones girls!! :)

plus..the price r affordable for beads n sequins..
grab them while u still can ayte!! ;)

greyish blue beads :)
colour truest to the first picture.. :)
as u can see..the hairbands are not too 'sarat' with beads..
mind my english..haha..
i mean..the hairband still look simple but nice.. :)
oowh..and if u look closely..the hairband stick nicely on the head..
totally loveable.. :)

RM20 only :)


goldie beads :)
colour truest to the first picture.. :)
same design as above..

RM20 only :)


flowery beads :)
colour truest to the second picture..
sorry for the blurry picture (the 1st one)..

but look at the nicely done flower..

RM18 only :)


for any enquiries or info,
pls email me at
or text us at
till then..xoxo's a picture of 1 of my customers
wearing the tee he bought from me at a bazaar last week..
(he's a friend of mine )
here's for u dw!! :)
fana dear..u're next!!haha..
hoping to get a picture with u..

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