Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3 designs of guys' n girls' band teE!!~(steal!!) ;)

hye girlss...
soo very sorry for the long hiatus!! ;(
been very busy this past few weeks..nearly a month kaannnn...
february has been a very tiring but fun month for me...
(not for the work part la... ;)..just the vacation part..haha)

so for the early march update..men's band tee!!
guys usually love band tees..so buy for them.. :)
i know they will love them..
oohh!!! i have the same designs for girls as well..can make it as a couple tee..=)
These band tees features few bands like the strokes, guns n roses, n more..haha..
go on n grab themm...xx

btw..they r only RM35 (men) and RM25 (babes)!!

p/s: the material..awesome cotton.. ;)
do ask for more pictures for the girls.. ;)

BT01 - 1st Black :)
men: S - small L
women: S - M


RM35 (men) RM25 ( women)

BT 02 - 1st white
men: S - small L
women: S - M


men: RM35 only!! ;)

women: RM 25 only!! ;)

BT 03 - 2nd white!! ;)
men: S - small L
women: S - M


men: RM 35 only!! ;)
women: RM25 only!! ;)

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do email us at
or for faster reply,
text us at
till then..xoxo ;)

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