Sunday, November 21, 2010

moreeee loveelyyyyy casio! :)

girlssss..okay and even guysss..haha
helping my sister to sell these casio watches..
i loveeeee themmmm..i even took one for myself..
n i want more..haha..

so here's the thing..casio is the IN thing ryte nowwww..kaaaannn!!haha..
colourful..databank...all them!
so dun go find anywhere else..
sini kan senang..haha..
go on..choose.. :)

RM55 only :)


rm35 only :)
loovveeee the colourssss..haha.. :)


for more enquiries or info,
pls email me at
or text me for fast reply at
till then..xoxo,
yana :)

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