Friday, November 5, 2010

preloved stuffs :)

hye girls..
sorry ive been missing for soooo long..
n am sorry again for not being able to update new stuff for u.. not letting this blog to 'mati' lah..
plus i miss my blogshop..

so finally today..i decided to jual my preloved clothes..
more to come..but i nak try first lah..
see how it i havent got the chance to go search stock baru for u girls..
do lemme noe if u like it yea..
plss do..i lovee them..but its time to let them go.. ;)

cotton on lacey skirt :)
there was once i x ingat bila..
a customer textd me whether i'd like to sell this skirt..
at that time i wasnt going to..
but now get them.. :)


RM 25 only :)

top-lace dress ;)
i bought this dress from vivace cabin..
i do love it sooo much..since it fits nicely..
even the length of the dress..arm length..
but i wore it only once..teruk kan?haha..


RM 30 ONLY :)

simple white dress ;)

a simple white dress can be worn anywhere.. nyte maybe..
its even comfortable..
dun is in a very good condition..
u can even look at the colour.. ;)


RM 25 only ;)

overall ;)
ooh yess..sadly im planning to sell this overall off..
y?its because i have too much overalls and jumpsuits which i hardly nak pakai..
so here it goes..hahaha..


RM30 only :)

any enquiries or info,
plss email me at
or text me at
till then dearies..
xoxo, yana

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